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Monthly mortgage payment

Calculate your monthly payment based on loan amount, APR, and loan term.

Calculate monthly mortgage payment »


Calculate downpayment, loan amount, and LTV based on purchase price and percent down.

Calculate downpayment »

Amortization schedule

Calculate your amortization schedule based on loan amount, APR, start date, and loan term.

Calculate amortization schedule »

Amortization with extra payments

Accurate monthly payment and amortization based on loan amount, term, and APR, including additional monthly payments towards principal.

Amortization schedule with additional monthly payments »


Annualized growth rate of your investments.

How fast did my investments grow »

Simple interest

How fast will your money grow

Calculate simple interest »

Compound interest

Calculate interest and total amount after compounting

Calculate compound interest »


Calculate interest and total amount after compounding and regular investment

How fast will my savings grow »

Dividend reinvestment growth

Calculate total gain for regular deposits with reinvested dividends.

How fast will my deposits grow if I reinvested the dividends »

Bi-weekly gross pay from annual salary

Calculate bi-weekly gross pay from annual salary

How to compute gross pay if you are paid two times a month »

Annual salary from bi-weekly gross pay

Calculate annual salary from bi-weekly gross

How to compute annual salary if you are paid two times a month »

Hourly salary from annual salary

Calculate hourly salary from annual salary

Compute hourly salary from your annual salary »

What is the worth of my time?

Calculate the worth of one hour of your time

Use your annual income to find out the worth of your time »


Is your weight appropriate for your height?

Check your BMI »

Body shape index

BSI incorporates waist size and is a better health score than BMI

Get your body shape index »

Target heart rate

Find the perfect workout zone based on desired outcomes.

Find your target heart rate »

Body fat percentage

How much fast is your body packing ?

Am I storing too much fat? »

Ideal weight

Know your ideal weight based on height, age, and gender

What is my ideal weight ? »

Daily calorie needs

Ideal calorie recommendation based on activity level

How much should I eat »

Basal metabolic rate

How many calories does your body burn in a day?

How fast do I burn calories »

Days till date

Calculate days, weekdays, and weeks till a future date

Days till date »